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Sur-TORK EX Quarter Turn Valve

Our SurTork Ex Quarter Turn Valve is the world's first and only quarter-turn valve capable of set-point pressure control, with the industry’s fastest and most precise control. Its rugged design and high-torque output ensure continuous duty and provide the user with optional connections, eliminating the need for multiple boxes and devices. Paired with a quarter turn ball valve, the Sur-Tork EX operator is a simple and elegant solution for maintaining back pressure when connected directly to the RCD outlet.

The high torque Sur-Tork EX Quarter Turn Valve is capable of delivering:

  • 6400ft/lbs peak torque
  • 2000ft/lbs continuous modulating torque
  • Very low backlash, <1 Arc minute
  • Open-close time = 10 seconds with 120V and 6 seconds with 240V
  • ISO F-16 and F-25 bolting patterns
  • Up to 3.75” diameter shaft size, 5.0” long
  • EX rated – CL.1 DIV.1
  • 120V low amp power supply
  • Integrated motor controller
  • Integrated encoder
  • Integrated holding brake
  • Integrated torque sensor
  • Plug and Play – ethernet connectivity
  • Programmable for pressure control
  • Local connectivity to analog devices
  • Supports 4 devices
  • PSI transmitters, temp, flow, etc.
  • Connected locally to actuator
  • Torque
    6000 ft/lbs. peak, 2000 ft/lbs. continuous modulating
  • Backlash
    <1 Arc minute
  • Speed
    Open-close time = 12 sec. @120V or 6 sec. @ 240V
  • Bolting patterns
    ISO 5211 sizes F16 and F25
  • Shaft size
    Up to 3.75" dia., 4.5" long
  • Power supply
    90-240V <10 amps @ 120V
  • EX rating
    C-UL: CL,I, DIV 1, GP. C & D, T4 EN/IEC 60079-0: EX d IIB T4
  • Temp range
    -40 to 150°F
  • Communication
  • Analog
    Qty 4: 4-20mA analog loops for local connectivity to transmitters and instruments