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Patriot™ KD

Patriot™ KD

Engineered to outperform all other polyurethane pistons on the market today, Patriot™ KD Pistons are built to be compatible with and deliver superior performance in today’s WBM, OBM, and synthetic drilling mud. Longer piston life equates to longer liner life, greatly reducing cost and downtime associated with mud pump expendables.

Designed to meet pressures of 7500 psi and temperatures up to 350°F, the Patriot KD Piston difference is in the solid lip bullnose designed head which is composed of a single durometer urethane compound bonded for superior performance.

  • Proven, reliable performance in every piston
  • Resistant to high pressure, abrasion, heat and extrusion
  • Contains abrasion additive to reduce wear and improve service life
  • Resistant to hydrolysis and chemical attacks
  • “Bull nose” lip design seals for less ‘squirt’ which reduces flush system contamination
  • Superior lip and cut back hub design reduces wear on liner dramatically lowering mud pump operating cost
  • For use in brine, WBM, OBM and synthetic muds

*not suited for clear or sea water uses