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The Caliber® 4-Web Valve and Seat


The Caliber® 4-Web valve and seat are designed for today’s high pressure drilling conditions. Each piece is forged from a single piece of proprietary, high-strength alloy steel and is case hardened to precisely controlled levels. We have molded our high temperature, high impact resistant urethane to the valve body in order to eliminate the existing gap you will find on replaceable insert type valves.

The 4-web design holds the valve weight to a minimum by increasing the load bearing area. In order to allow quick flushing of solid matter we use a steep angle that also increases the metal-to-metal sealing area. Each part is individually inspected to ensure performance and satisfaction.


  • Good in high temperature applications up to 300°F
  • Forged and machined from single piece
  • Bonded insert prevents solids infiltration
  • Excellent performance in water and oil based muds
  • Excellent chemical resistance


  • Good for 7,500 psi, high temperature applications
  • Available in API 6 & 7
  • Four-web design allows for easier removal
  • Part Number


  • API 7
  • 541-72V00-HT
    VALVE, 4 Web, API 7, MOD, Caliber
  • 541-78M00-00
    SEAT, 4 Web, API 7, MOD, Caliber
  • 541-76S00-00
    SEAT, 4 Web, API 7, STD, Caliber
  • API 6
  • 541-62V00-HT
    VALVE, 4 Web, API 6, X400, Caliber
  • 541-68M00-00
    SEAT, 4 Web, API 6, MOD, Caliber
  • 541-66S00-00
    SEAT, 4 Web, API 6, STD, Caliber