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Caliber® XV-400 Valve


Caliber® XV-400 valves are designed to take the constant pounding of full 7500 psi pumps in extreme pressure, extreme service situations. They are forged from a single piece of proprietary, high-strength alloy steel and are case-hardened to precisely controlled levels. An impact and high temperature resistant urethane seal is molded in place for maximum performance under abrasive and extreme conditions. Each part is individually inspected to ensure 100% performance and satisfaction.

  • Good in high temperature applications up to 300°F
  • Full open design
  • Forged and machined from single piece
  • Bonded insert prevents solids infiltration
  • Excellent performance in water and oil based muds
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Part Number


  • 510-62V00-HT
    API 6
  • 510-72V00-HT
    API 7
  • 510-82V00-HT
    API 8