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Quick Change Technologies


Sur-Lock® Quick-Change products are designed to radically speed up the piston, valve/seat, and liner change process. Our Sur-Lock products eliminate the need for sledgehammers and greatly increase safety.

SAFER. No more breaker bars and sledgehammers!

FASTER. Dramatically reduce removal time for valves, valve seats, liners and pistons.

EASIER. No special tooling required. No searching for hydraulic pumps or custom fittings. Installs easily with an impact wrench or torque wrench.

Sur-Lock® Valve Cover System
Safer Practice
Reduces Time
Sur-Lock® Rod Link System
Safer Practice
Reduce Failure Points
Sur-Lock® Liner Retention System
Save Time
Eliminates Need for Hammers
Reduced Weight
Sur-Lock® Frac Fluid Ends
Includes Sur-Lock Quick Change Valve Cover
Sur-Lock® Strainer Cover
Complete Mechanical Solution
Increased Efficiency