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Logan VTS100

LOGAN Power Swivel

The Logan VTS100 is a direct drive 100 ton capacity power swivel. The single direct drive hydraulic motor eliminates the need for gears, providing improved efficiency, smoother operation and great dependability. The VTS100 is equivalent in size to the PS85, but incorporates the torque output of the PS120.

The VTS100 is equipped with a newly designed heavy duty floating washpipe assembly rated for 10,000 psi and incorporates newly designed seals to increase the life expectancy of the washpipe assembly.

  • Smooth, shock-free torque reduces drill string damage
  • Direct drive hydraulic motor offers greater efficiency and dependability
  • All new heavy duty 10,000 psi floating washpipe assembly
  • Increases drill string control with smooth, shock-free torque
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be powered by any Logan PS120 power unit with minor modification. The hydraulic oil MUST be changed to an AW-68 hydraulic oil for most climates.
  • Feature


  • Model No.
  • Nominal Load Rating (tons)
  • Maximum Torque (ft-lbs)
  • Maximum Speed (rpm)
  • Maximum Circulating Pressure
  • Standard Stem Connection
    2-7/8 IF
  • Standard Saver Sub Connection
    2-7/8 IF
  • Gooseneck Connection
    2" Female 1502 Hammer Union
  • Wireline Access Port
  • Stem I.D.
  • Power Swivel Head Weight (lbs)