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Liners/Liner Wash

We provide liners for all brands of mud pumps including, but not limited to Oilwell, National, Gardner Denver, Lewco, Ideco, Emsco, Bomco, Drillmecand Wirth. Liners are available in two styles: chrome-iron liners for standard service and zirconia-ceramic liners for long lasting performance in situations where normal liner change frequencies are too costly. We offer a variety of sizes in-stock for every need.

Chrome-Iron Standard Service

  • 60 -64 Rockwell C bore hardness
  • 27% Chrome alloy sleeve with extended polish for longer lasting performance
  • Chrome-iron sleeve press fit and secured by high pressure safety lip
  • Forged steel hull
  • Available in sizes from 4-1/2" to 7"

Zirconia-Ceramic High

Some of our largest competitors use a cheaper alumina-ceramic sleeve to make their liners. Although these liners last a little longer than standard chrome-iron liners, they only last about half as long as zirconia-ceramic liners. Our liners are made from zirconia-ceramic material in order to provide the longest life and best wear performance.
  • 90 –92 Rockwell C bore hardness
  • Zirconia-Ceramic sleeve press fit andhoned to size
  • Ceramic sleeve press fit and secured by safety lip
  • Forged steel hull
  • Available in sizes from 4-1/2" to 7"
  • Significantly outlasts inferior alumina-ceramic liners

Liner Wash Upgrade

Retrofit your current system with the Premium Liner Wash Upgrade to increase flow rates, decrease downtime and get longer piston/liner life. The upgrade produces best results when paired with the Patriot Liner Wash. Typical flow rates are between 5 to 7 gpm per cylinder on existing systems. Install our upgrade and you can increase this to 10-12 gpm.

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