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Sur-Tork EX Actuator

  • Premium-Sur-Tork-EX-Actuator-b

    Premium Sur Tork EX Actuator b

  • Premium-Sur-Tork-EX-Actuator

    Premium Sur Tork EX Actuator

    The Sur-Tork Ex Actuator utilizes a high torque and fully integrated servo drive system to achieve the most precise movement in the industry. Its autonomous internal system provides unmatched resolution and control through its integrated pressure control algorithm that analyzes active torque data. It also acts as a brain for multiple devices and offers optional connections, eliminating the need for additional power, communications and encoders.

    • High torque – 20Nm continuous, 60Nm peak
    • Up to 320 RPM
    • Angular control resolution of 10 Arc seconds
    • EX rated – CL.1 DIV.1
    • 120V low amp power supply
    • Integrated motor controller
    • Integrated encoder
    • Integrated holding brake
    • Integrated torque sensor with torque and impedance control
    • Plug and Play – ethernet connectivity
    • Programmable for local control
    • Local connectivity to 4 analog devices: PSI transmitters, temp, flow, etc.
    • Power supply

      90-240V <10 Amps @ 120V

    • EX rating
      C-UL: CL,I, DIV 1, GP. C & D, T4 EN/IEC 60079-0: Ex d IIB T4
    • Connection
      ISO F25/0.750" coupling
    • Torque
      20Nm continuous, 60Nm peak
    • Speed
      Up to 320 RPM – Continuous Duty Cycle
    • Angular resolution
      10 Arc seconds
    • Temp range
      -40 to 150°F
    • Communication
    • Analog
      Qty 4: 4-20mA analog loops for local connectivity to transmitters and instruments