Available in 150 through 1000 ton models, the GDM (Global Drilling Machine) top drive line solves many of the problems that reduce performance and reliability of conventional top drive models:

  • Simple, robust mechanical design minimizes failure points
  • Improved torque and RPM for increase performance
  • Easier, faster access to maintenance zones

The next-generation top drive was engineered from the ground up by the top drive experts at GDS; a unique team of design, service, and repair pros focused on advancing top drive performance. You won’t find a more experienced team of top drive professionals than those at GDS.

GDM Top Drive Features:

  • Simple design: easier motor replacement
  • Solid pinion construction
  • Simple robust helical gear assembly
  • State-of-the-art control system
  • Consistent lubrication from spray lube gear
  • Optional torque multiplier
  • Made in North America
  • Manufactured under API 8C License

GDM Top Drive Accessories:

  • Work platforms for increased safety
  • Automatic elevator orientation
  • Adjustable pipe handler
  • Pipe handler, travel length
  • IBOP Actuator
  • GDM150H/250H
  • GDM275/375
  • GDM500/650
  • GDM750/850
  • GDM1000
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Dominating the smaller class of top drives, the GDM150H/250H finds the perfect balance between a compact design and powerful torque for your hydraulic top drive needs. We dropped a 400 hp motor into a more compact frame and kept all the best stuff from our original GDM850 model. We don’t believe smaller rigs have to settle for “leaking” hydraulic top drives.
  • Smallest dimensions in the market
  • 400 hp or 600 hp hydraulic motor options
  • Pipe handling assembly (optional)
  • Mud path: 5000 PSI (optional: 7500 PSI Standard 3” (optional 4”)
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The power-packed GDM275/375 is the performance upgrade you’ve been looking for. The ideal combination of small dimensions and high performance, the GDM275/375 can be custom configured to meet your drilling needs. We offer two A/C motor options to give you the best value. The gearbox features strong, helical gears that operate with more torque, longer life and quieter operation.
  • Perfect balance between compact design and powerful torque
  • Dominating the small top drive class
  • Simple to maintain and efficient to operate
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Some say we over engineered the GDM500/650 – but we wanted to provide the most advanced technology and product to our customers. With an upgraded, powerful gearbox design that was engineered just three years ago, you can be sure this gearbox will handle the next twenty years of drilling demands. Available in two different A/C drilling motors as well as a DC motor, the GDM500/650 offers many different power options. The main shaft is cut to 7 5/8 inches and can be re-threaded up to three times. This unit creates the most torque in its class.

Like our other Models, the GDM500/650 comes standard with our built-in predictive and preventative maintenance software that teaches rig crews to get the most out of your investment.

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The GDM750 was innovatively designed and built to be the toughest and most powerful top drive available at the best price. It is the first true 750 ton unit: this is NOT just a 500 ton with a little more torque boosting power. The gearbox is virtually indestructible, which separates us from the competition. Available in two A/C motor options to fulfill your drilling needs.

This top drive is the definition of The Global Drilling Machine top drive drilling system. As the original model, the GDM850 was introduced to set new standards for performance and power. We paid close attention to what drilling professionals were looking for in a top drive and engineered the most technologically advanced top drive drilling system on the market. The end result is a combination of a heavy duty top drive and a portable top drive all in one. It includes the standard features of the GDM line and gives drilling companies options for larger rigs.

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The GDM1000 ton top drive drilling system is the powerful offshore drilling option you’ve been looking for. Designed with safety and accessibility in mind, the GDM1000 comes standard with GDS’s own automated control systems package. 

  • Available in single and dual motor options
  • Powerful torque with small footprint
  • Offshore compatible
  • Robust, helical gears
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