madeinusaLPremium Oilfield Technologies offers valves and seats for standard, and high pressure / extreme service applications.  We have a wide variety designs. 

Valves and Seats

  • Caliber™ XV and XS
  • Standard Pressure Valves and Seats

High Pressure, Extreme Service Valves and Seats

Available in full-open design, these valves and seats are designed to take the constant pounding of full 7500 psi pumps, in the most extreme situations. Made from a proprietary, high strength alloy steel, these valves and seats are case-hardened to precisely controlled levels.

An impact-resistant, urethane seal is molded in place for maximum performance under abrasive conditions. Each part is individually inspected to ensure 100% performance and satisfaction.

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We manufacture and stock a wide variety of standard service valves and seats, including:

  • Full-open design for maximum mud flow (Novatech, G2, and Roughneck compatible designs available)
  • Web design available with 3-web or 4-web designs
  • High temperature versions for up to 300 F

   Download Gate Valve Brochure