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Put the Hammer Down

We work closely with our customers in the field to learn what will help save time and money. We take these lessons learned and apply them in the research, development, and testing of our products. As a response to problems that we have seen in the field, we have developed new performance enhancing technologies to increase safety and to save time and money.

SAFER. No more breaker bars and sledgehammers!

FASTER. Dramatically reduce removal time for valves, valve seats, liners and pistons. 

EASIER. No special tooling required. No searching for hydraulic pumps or custom fittings. Installs easily with an impact wrench or torque wrench.

Sur-Lock™ Products

  • Sur-Lock™ Valve Cover System
  • Sur-Lock™ Rod Link System
  • Sur-Lock™ Liner Retention System

The Sur-Lock Valve Cover System was designed to eliminate the unsafe practices of using cheater pipes and sledge hammers to tighten and loosen valve covers. In current practice, one rig hand will hold a pipe in the valve cover holes and another will swing a large sledge hammer at the pipe in order to loosen or tighten the assembly.

The new Sur-Lock system eliminates this unsafe practice and radically decreases the time it takes to remove valve covers, and replace valves and seats. The new system requires no special tooling and weighs about the same as a conventional valve cover assembly.

With the use of an impact wrench or just a torque wrench, the valve
cover can be removed or replaced with minimal safety risk.

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Sur Lock Rod Link

The Sur-Lock Rod Link System was developed to provide a safer and faster way to unfasten the piston rod and remove the piston from the liner. The sub rod contains a proprietary “wedge lock” mechanism that allows the piston and pony rods to be connected by simply inserting pins and turning a bolt. No hydraulic fitting, seals, or pumps are necessary.

The system uses rods and rod extensions that are 100% compatible with the same parts from the P-Quip system. Additionally, our torque module can completely replace the P-Quip hydraulic module in plug-and-play fashion.

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The Sur-Lock Liner Retention System was designed to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to change a liner. Additionally, we have created a unique low-torque mechanical design that allows the liner retainer to be fully tightened without hydraulics, and without the need for dangerous sledgehammers and cheater bars. There is also no heavy nut to remove; simply pull out the old liner, swap the light weight adapter to the new liner, then insert and lock

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