About Premium Oilfield Technologies®

Our Mission

Our mission is to consistently exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement in the quality of our products and the service of our team members

Our Philosophy

Our operation-centric business model allows us to cover a much larger sales and delivery territory with fewer resources than our competitors. With fewer moving parts, we cut cost and drive consistency.

Our Pledge

1. We back our products with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. If our parts do not perform to your expectations, they're free.

2. We accept complete accountability for managing the inventory needs of your rigs. Our proactive, Just-In-Time inventory planning system ensures that your rigs will not be held up waiting for parts.

3. We are committed to consistently delivering all orders directly to the rig site within one day. Hot shot deliveries are available 24/7 but we feel that it is our job to drastically reduce these instances if at all possible, through regular follow up and communication with Rig Managers.

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